About our website

We started here 25 years ago, looking at a bright, brand-new, hopeful online landscape, what we used to call the World Wide Web. We bought the domain name apfelbeck.com, and Isa created a Geocities account under our name while I was teaching in my first years at the junior high in Tuluksak, an experience I will always remember well. Quyana.

There’s a lot of water under the bridge since those days. I’m smiling as I think about writing the HTML by hand using Dreamweaver two decades ago to create web-based classes in Galena when the idea was fresh. Then social media emerged, which I first believed to be a universal bulletin board and interesting conversation at a friendly coffeeshop, but actually turned out to be a belligerent drunk shouting threats in a seedy bar, and, naturally, I’ve decided not to stick around that part of town.

I used WordPress when I taught journalism, and when I started this iteration of our website in spring 2022, I thought it was a good enough system to host the domain, but I miss the precision of code. The good news is that I’ve saved all the old files right back to the Geocities days, and I’d like to repost it in one form or another. Right now, however, I want a place that’s a little more private, not so social. Be well out there.